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ACEO cards - step by step colouring tutorial

Here is a little step by step tutorial for making aceo cards, hope you like it! ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

First of all I start to draw the aceo outlines on paper, nomal aceo cards have a size of 2.5 x 3.5 inches (6,4 cm x 8,9 cm). I use the japanese deleter paper, it's really great for work with markers.

 For my sketches I love to use my favourite mechanical pencils.
0,7 and 0,5mm

 Starting with a raw sketch. At the beginning it don't have to be something spectacular. 

Now you just have to shape the Body

 When I draw hair I usually beginn drawing the fringe. 

 It works best when you move the pen with a flick of the wrist!

Tadaah! I'm sorry, it's a bit blurred. (⁎˃ᆺ˂)

 I draw the outlines over the sketch but sometimes if the sketch is to messy I use my lightpad to copy it clearer on a new paper.

 Then just erase the pencil lines away. (*´・v・)

 This time I started with the hair, I choose a light shade and let the hair tips over the face white because I like it when the colour blends with the skin tone. 

With a pastel pink I make blush and darken some parts of the hair. (。・ω・。) Don't worry, you can blend harsh lines away.

 See, just use the primary colour again. (。´∀`)ノ


Here I used some cell shading...

 ...and blended it again with the first colour. 

 For better colour transitions I also use my beloved crayons! (●♡∀♡)

 Yeah and quite the same with the skin tone...

 I use very various crayon shades, just some reds, oranges, browns, pinks, flesh tones, even purple... ( ´∀`)

 And now let's start with the eyes!

 With the yellow I blurred the orange in the middle away, thats a cool effect.

 Use darker colored pencils for the upper parts of her eyes.

 Personally I don't like it when the background is too overloaded, so I just blendet some nice colours together. ヽ(´・ω・`)、

 Some highlight in the hair...

 ... on the eyes, cheeks and of course boobs! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

Yeah, last but not least add some shoujo sprinkle made with white ink and a brush and you are finished!

 I hope you were able to learn something from my tutorial, it was fun!


Kneehigh sneakers + cute summerskirt review ✧

Welcome back again~



This time it's gonna be a clothing review, I'm excited! (*´꒳`*) ♥

Kneehigh sneakers

I've always wanted so get some kneehigh sneakers when I decided to start with japanese streetfashion/alternative fashion. And finally I found some in a chinese ebay shop (amigo_tina), they looked quite great so I bought them.
The prize is also good, they costed only $20, but if you have big feet like me and need shoes from the size US 8.5 (EUR 40, UK 6.5), it's $24. (  ・ω・)

 Here is the article:

Their photo in the shop
The shipping to Germany costed about $12. Though they shouldn't come until the 13th-27th June the sneakers arrived already today! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

The package was wrapped in a platic foil and tape. Amigo_tina wrote that she'll send the shoes without a box, they were in a fabric bag. She also wrote me a cute letter, just look:

So lovely! (*´꒳`*) ♡
Everything arrived safely, thanks dear Tina!

Here are some close up photos, just klick on them:

Both sides

Super duper long shoe laces, I've even got the black ones as a present, arigatou! (´♡‿♡`*)

So long!
The sole and inside

극상의, a korean brand! ♥

The fabric is very strong and not scratchy. The sneakers are well processed and don't seem to get damaged so fast. I already wore them while taking the dogs for a walk and they're so comfortable! (๑✧◡✧๑) *don't wanted to take them off*
The only thing that I don't like is that on the left shoe are 3 wrong stamped holes, but they're hardly visible. On the last close up picture you can see these.

But all in all they're just super duper awesome!

Wearing them (๑>◡<๑)



If you are searching for some cute clothes which you like and can buy in Germany, then you should probably just look around in the city where you live, because there are often some small shops, where you can find cool stuff if you look out. So was it with me, I just went into a little shop called madonna and found some kawaii skirts, quite perfect for a japanese fashion style. (●♡∀♡)

They also have a facebook page.

THe skirt has a wide elastic band and the fabric is very thin and in a nice pastelish yellow with a lightbrown belt, I just don't know if it's real leather or not. (I probably thing not) You're able to buy this skirt in other colours here but I got this one for 10€ in the city center.

I know this doesn't fit well together

And again, thanks for reading!
Hope you enjoyed this review
(。・//ε//・。) ✧

♥ xoxoxo ♥


Spectrum Noir Review ♡



Hi there! *(*´∀`*)☆


 As I told you, I bought the Spectrum Noir markers on friday the 30th May and the first two sets (pastels set and lights set) arrived allready next monday. ♥ The brights and darks set arrived just today. They were shipped separately, because the sets were offered on different amazon stores.

Unfortunately thought the post office, that they'are allowed to throw my first package around, I think. (; ̄Д ̄) Just look:

creased, ripped package

They weren't protected by a bubble wrap or something else but the contents were undamaged.
(。´∀`)ノ Lucky me!

The next two packages arrived unharmed, I'm glad. One also in a carton pack and one in a welded plastic foil.

As you can see, there is a difference between the darks set and the others, because it's an older edition.

Let's take a look on the markers

Except of the different forms are the markers pretty much the same inside. The new ones are hexagonal shaped, double ended and have a rubber grip on both sides. Like the Copic Markers they own a broad tip and a small, feltpen similar, pointed tip. But even without the flexible brush tip, you can still colour small areas easily! (`・ω・´)
The older ones seem to be not as well made as the newer ones. It's hard to open them and their shape is quadratic. Nevertheless they're not bad, even they're an older edition the ink isn't dried up.

I really like them both, through the size and form are the Spectrum Noir markers really handy and comfy. (*´・v・)

Also through their shape they are stackable ( ̄▽ ̄*)

The only disadvantage I found is that the colours of the top often isn't the same as inside. But thats no problem, if you make a colour chart. You can download one here!

It is a bit messy because the ink bleeds out on regular copy paper, thats normal.
Please use for your drawings special paper for marker!
Normal paper will suck all the ink out of your pens and they will be faster empty!

Here you can see all shades of the four sets with 24 markers, the spaces are the shades of the remaining twelfe sets with 6 marker in it. Overall Spectrum Noir have 168 colour tones avaiable. They're all really bright and varied, you have nice colours for the skin, even fluorescent neons and many different greyish shades. ♡

color application on paper is really nice and evenly, it blends with a wet in wet technique very well, except you blend a light and a very dark colour, it turns out a bit "cloudy". You just have to use more shades, for example a light, a middle and a dark one. ( ´∀`)

You are able to store them in their boxes, it's easy to open and close them
But if you need, there are also special bags purchasable


Spectrum Noir marker are in my opinion a fantastic cheep alternative to Copics, especially for beginners.
The only thing, that could make it difficult to handle with these, is the hard tip, but myself I'm not dependent on such a brush tip. For me are these markers a good extension for my color spectrum but I love it to use them combined with my Copic Ciao, Graphmaster and crayons.

So, that was my review. Hope it was informative and helped you. (´ω`★)
Maybe you are thinking of buying them, too! ♡

Thanks for reading *(*´∀`*)☆