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☆★ Improvement progress ☆★

Whenever I see such memes it's always a big motivation for me, because you have a great overview of what you've done so far over the years.  
In 2009, I was about 12-13 years old. Maybe my improvement compared to the artists of the present generation a little bit slow, but I had no smartphone with internet and each time I had to beg my Daddy if he scans my latest pictures so that I could upload them. 

Nevertheless I'm very proud of my progress! (`)


At the moment I'm trying to envolve my drawing style, I've ever wanted a more japanese like manga style but I was a long time uncertain, what if my follower won't like the changes, what if it won't turn out how I want it...? ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ I've often thought about that.
I didn't wanted to switch so suddenly, so after some time I startet to draw the eyes larger and then I gave them and the face another shape, more edged. Of couse I hade some references of my idols.
These are some of my results!

I really like it this way! And I even got a lot of lovely feedback on my fb page which makes me very happy! 
But I have a lot  to learn and practice.


So my dears,
if you are just unsatisfied with your pictures or drawing style, look at several memes of other artists or just make yourself one, this will always brighten you up and never say that you can't do something anymore. As you can see, you just need a lot of
practice and endurance! (◡‿◡✿) Whether you are young or old, whether what you had or what not, just train your skills! And don't forget each person needs a different amount of time. Just take many templates, references and look at them, draw a copy, again and again.... And then it try it for your own! ✧˖ °

☆★☆★ xoxoxo ★☆★☆


Italia 2014 ✧˖°

Heyho, I'm back here~ ♥
I also want to show you some insights of our Italy holidays! ( ´ω`)

Ciclofan ♡

✧ xoxoxo ✧