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Croatia 2014 ✧˖°

Hello (。´∀`)ノ here some insights of our Croatia holidays.
(Mostly sunset photos)

♡ xoxoxo ♡


Art Supplies HAUL #1 ♡

Hello everyone!
Can I even call that a haul...? Whatever, today I want to show you what I bought at the fantastic artist shops j-stuff and elbtunnel. (。・ω・。)

left j-stuff and right elbtunnel

Everything was wrapped safely.

This indian ink is so great! (* >ω<) It's quite runny and slides super easy from the pen to the paper but the color is a bit too dark for a nice sepia shade.

Finally I bought the maru-pen tips and a suitable penholder from deleter, I've read that you need a lot of practice for these pens and was uncertain if I should buy them, because I don't have so much experience. But now I've got them and I'm so happy, the handling is so easy and I'm even not shaky when I'm outlining with the maru-pen. (*´∀`*)

I didn't tought that this thing will be so big XD It has a size about DIN A4.

And the highlight of my purchase is...

...the Shinhan Artists Poster Colors! (」゜ロ゜)」


The sets A and B with 24 pots of 40 ml were by elbtunnel on sale for ONLY 59,90€ (in ebay I found them for ~93€) but I was too late, the set A was already sold out. (´;д;`) So I just got only the other set.

Artists Poster Color is declared in the Asian region as poster paint, in Europe it is, however, known as gouache. The colors are very bright,
qualitatively amazing, quite thick and you can use it opaque or diluted on paper (like watercolor). I'm really in love in these.♡ From now on I'll definitely paint more watercolor pictures!

Since I always like to try new layout markers I bought of each brand in their shops 3 pieces, they have Touch Twin Markers, Deleter Neopiko-2 Markers and Flexmarkers.

Touch Twin Markers

They got a new roundet form which makes them very handy. Their tip is hard like a felt-tip pen. As you can see was in one of the markers seemingly too much ink. (´;ω;`) But don't worry, you can easily remove that with some nail polish remover on a tissue.

Neopiko-2 Markers


 The upper ones are also slightly newer, they changed the brush tips and the overprint a bit.

 The old brush tip seems to be more porous and don't color so evenly like the new ones.



As I read should this be the new version of the promarkers, they look so funny. :D These markers are quite broad but you can hold them well. They have also a brush tip which is very flexibel.

Overview of all new markers

I really like the Flexmarkers best, they're not as expensive as copics and have a nice thin, robust and flexible tip.

And of course I needed some new different colored outliners and decided to buy some of the brands Sakura - Pigma Micron Fineliner and Deleter - Neopiko Line 2 in order to test them.

I got them in the colors black, sepia, brugunder and blackblue... grey and warm gray.

I really don't know why but I can direct my lines better with the deleter fineliner. ( ・◇・)

I forgot to take a photo but I bought one of the Pilot - Color Eno in lightblue, this are mechanical pencils with colored lead.

The only item which I don't like is the new paper for markers I bought, it's coated on the back so that the ink won't bleed through, but because of my color style I can't blend different shades evenly together. Nethertheless this pad is better as the copic markers pad, but the copic paper is not intended for drawing manga but rather for design sketches.

Here is my first result of trying quite all new markers, inks, outliners etc.

This is my little thank you to all who support me! Whether with written feedback, lovely messages or through commissions work, etc. It means a lot to me that so many people like my art and promote me! QwQ 

Thanks for reading my blog entry, please visit my blogspot to see more things of me. ♡


Graduation (〃▽〃)

Hello everybunny!
I have finally found some time to write about my graduation, when the classes of the final year are getting their leaving certificate and a day later the graduation ball is taking place.

The graduation

My boyfriend Max surprised me totally, actually he shouldn't come until Friday and then a day before, I was shopping with my mum, I came home, went to my room and suddenly he was sitting with a bouquet on my bed! Σ(゜ロ゜;) I couldn't believe my eyes and started to cry of happiness... *sob* ♥
but I wasn't done with cleaning (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

Isn't he just the best? (,,> <,,)♡
On the
special day we had to visit the church, after that
we were greeted with champagne and some snacks before we all, the graduating classes with their parents and teachers of our school (only for girls) etc., had to go into the sports hall, were we should get our leaving certificate.

Chiara, Ronja, Max an me

The sad thing was that I had to sit in the first rows with my classmates during my poor Max had to stay even behind the teacher ranks. (´;ω;`) Also I am from all 4 classes in the last one and each girl was separately called up and photographed, so he had to wait sooo long alone.

Our principal

Our best class teacher. ♥ He tought us English brilliantly, he's kind, humorous and just a grat person, thank your for 4 awesome years! We even have gifted him and I'll really miss him as teacher. (⁎˃ᆺ˂) And my classmates of course, too!

I'm so glad that I went to this school after years of mobbing and hate on my old school... It was for me like a second home, really.

The graduation ball

On saturday evening our prom took place in the city hall and I was very exited. Even my parents wanted to come!

The dress is from EMP

Although it was very warm outside, it was cool in the hall.

Opening polonaise

 My dance partner was very pleasant. (*´∀`*) But my boyfriend was a bit sad, since he had to be at vocational school, he couldn't join the dance lessons.

After the first dances everyone was allowed to dance with everyone and so I grabbed Max and we danced for hours until my shoe soles were a bit damaged. *grin* It was a great unforgetable evening. ♡ Thanks for your visit, I miss you!

Thanks for reading! (。≖´∀`≖。)
♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡