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New markers? Alternative ones!

Hello ♡ How are you? I hope fine!

Alright as you might know my biggest hobby is drawing manga pictures, both traditional and digital. Of course is drawing costly, especially if you draw with Copics like me. ( ´∀`)

I love it to create ACEOs. ♥ Well if you don't know, ACEOs are selfmade unique trading cards. You can just draw everything you want on them and with any medium you like.

After my Copics were mostly empty, I searched for a long time for alternative markers, which were not as expensive as the hyped Copic Marker/Sketch/Ciao. Of course I think that they're really great! Sometime ( faaaaaar away in the future) I'll buy the big metal suitcase wich includes all 358 markers in different shades! ;ω;



Once I already got Graphmaster, I bought an (I think) older edition with 60 markers (59 colors and one translucent blender pen) which costs only 50€, including a matching bag, 2 ballpoint gelpens and a markers suitable DIN A5 pad.
These pens don't have such a flexible brush tip as the Copic Ciao or Copic Sketch, it's more like a felt pen, but with them you can still colour small areas very great. ♡ The colours are very intensive, cover the paper evenly and are good blendable.
One little problem is that sometimes the stickers on the top of the cap doesn't match the colour inside the markers, but it's ok for me, because they were so cheep and with a colour chart isn't that so bad. Though in this older edition are no skin tones or other pastel shades, but there're now new Graphmaster even in light colours purchasable. :3 Now ther're 124 shades avaiable. Maybe I'll buy them in future too, because I've never been disappointed by these alcohol markers jet. 。(⌒∇⌒。)

Older edition
Recent edition with new colors

And yes you can even combine Copics with them, too! Usually all alkohol based markers are combineable. (`・ω・´)”

Spectrum Noir Markers


I don't have them jet but recently an other artist in facebook (Mitsuki Mao) have posted that she bought some new markers, called Spectrum Noir! As I never knew them before, I searched for some reviews and videos and they looked very good! There are four sets with 24 markers and twelfe sets with 6 markers in it. In these all sets are all shades (168) and no one is multiple.

All at a glance

One of these big set costs about 30€ and a small only 10€! Can you believe, comparing with a Copic Marker/Sketch which costs 5,28€...  you are able to buy instead of 2 Copic Marker 6 Spectrum Noirs. In my opinion that's a good deal! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ And they are also refillable.

Yesterday then I looked in Amazon, I suddenly saw that of all the big packs were only one in stock, so I bought them ALL immediately (while school lesson), because I didn't know how long it would take, till there will be avaiable in germany again. That took me about 120€ for 92 marker with the shipping prize.

Then they'll arrive I'm also going to do an review, so if you want to know how they are, stay tuned! ( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ ♡

♥ ♡  Thanks for reading!  ♥ ♡


My first blog entry!

Hello dear visitor (*´∀`*) 
you've probably found this blog randomly, because I'm experimenting with the layout at the moment and just don't know how to set up everything here.

Something about me:

I'm an 18 years old amateur manga artist from Bavaria (Germany). I'm a little Otaku, like japanese fashion, alternative style, cute stuff and also dark ones. In short: my taste is very varying. (*´・v・) Maybe if you like something of my topics I would be glad if you follow my posts. ♡

You can call me Chipsy ( this name arised, because I liked potato chips so much).

In addition, I'm sorry my english is not as good as I want. ;w; I'll try my best to write understandable!
Hope you'll visit me here soon. ♡